Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have no excuse for being away!!

I was wiping the dust off my blog (seriously how hard would it be for me to post at least once a week?) when I stumbled upon this award left under the comments section of my last post. I am so sorry "scrappydew" that I didn't immediately respond. Shame on me.
I got an award! A blog award that is, from "Scrappydew", over at The Crooked Cutter Blog. Thanks very much Scrappy (may I call you Scrappy? If not, I appologize profusely). I appreciate the blog love :).
So with the award come some rules which are as follows:
If you see your blog here, collect your own award, post it, and send out the same award to 15 new blogs. Post a comment on those blogs letting them know that they have won an award. Also post a link back to the blogger who gave you the award :)
Here are my peeps, check out their lovely blogs;
I know that isn't 15 bloggers, but close enough :)

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