Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Owie, Owie, Owie!!!

That is what you can expect to hear if I attempt to bend over and pick something up off the floor. Did I mention I got a Wii Fit recently? I've been using it about 4 days now. Four days IN A ROW! I know, impressive. Here are some things I learned in my new "fitter" 4 days. If you have Wii Fit and have tried the strength training exercises, then you probably know about "Lunge". For those of you who don't have Wii Fit, "Lunge" is exercise jargon for "All About EVIL". My legs, oh my poor, flabby, celulite riddled legs! In their defense, they didn't even see it coming. I caught them unaware. The inevitable shock was followed with the inevitable pain. Even though I appologized to said legs, profusely, they won't stop whining. So I medicated them....ala Ibuprophen :) We are moderately comfortable now.....Unless I bend, kneel or straighten to quickly. But I have taken a stand, albeit a painful one, that they will not win, (they being my wimpy muscles), I will whip them into shape. I will one day step on my wii fit board and not be called obese again. If. It. Kills. Me. (and it probably will lol). Anyone out there starting a diet or exercise program that they are learning to love? I am all ears. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


  1. ROFL!!! Dawn, this is hilarious!!! My sweet DH just bought me the Wii Active. I have not tried it yet, but I'm afraid that when I do my legs (as mentioned above) will not just be whining, but they will awaken me in the night with convulsions! It will be me vs "THE legs"! Ha!

  2. LOL! I have totally been in your shoes! It wasn't my legs, my gluts (buns, butt, what ever ya call it) was killing me. How can it hurt to walk and sit at the same time??!!

    I am a fan of jazzercise. I found that I get bored with all the other programs out there and it had taught be good form so I don't hurt myself when Wii-ing. And, best yet, I have made some great friends there.

    Wii is still fun though. (especially with my girlfriends when we occasionally have a Wii-tini night.)

    Stay strong - you can win!

  3. You go girlfriend! your words always make me giggle, I so wish I could write like that!
    I am there with you, but you knew that LOL I am not sore anymore, altho I was for a few days but I won and now my muscles are being a lil nicer to me lol
    I have the Ea Active for the Wii and love *parts* of it, I think all the hype about it was BLEH cuz there are only a few things on it I liked, altho it did get me to buy my Punching bag LOL

    Hang in there baby you can do it!

  4. I have been there too. I have wii fit, and EA Sports Active. EA Active kicks wii fits butt, in my opinion anyways. Gives me a better workout!!

    Just at Christmas I received EA Active-more workouts, Wii Fit Plus and Biggest Loser. So that's where I am heading with workouts right now! I'm trying out Biggest Loser right now.

    The main thing is to just keep at it!!

  5. I just had to leave a comment to say I've been there... peeing was a chore I didn't want to do. But the Wii is super fun.. :) Hope your feeling better soon!!

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies, some of them made me laugh, and I glad to know I am not alone in the battle :)

  7. Ahhh... don't take painkillers... they are bad for you. Have you tried Salonpas (www.salonpas.us, available in most drug stores)? We use it all the time in Asia and it works really well on sore muscles, toothaches, or nerve aches... all sorts of things. : )

  8. You just crack me up! I have a Wii fit! it's amazing how the soreness surprises you after you first use it. You have no idea how it's working until the next day. I got one last march and have yet to use it consistently. Please keep us posted, I'd love to know if you're losing weight on it! I need the motivation!

  9. Dawn, I was just talking about Wii Fit lunges with a friend of mine who did them for the first time the other day and didn't want to quit because she would have been scolded by the trainer! Her legs were SCREAMING...and still are. Lunges kill me too..even at the times in my life when I could run 13 miles at a time or do a triathlon..if I did some lunges my legs would be KILLING me for days. So, just know you aren't alone and you should be proud for pushing on! Way to go!

  10. Dawn, I love visiting your blog and come every time you post. You have a talent for sharing.
    You asked for suggestions and I'm happy to help. As far as diets are concerned, I would continue on the path you have chosen. That is to analyze the reason why you want to munch between meals and eat reasonable portions during meals. Raw veggies are a good option between meals (without dipp - lol).
    For exercice, that is easy: walk. The best and the simplest. Start with short walks (10 or 15 minutes) and then increase. You will notice your muscles getting firmer without the pain or extra effort. But wathever you do, go gradually, otherwise the muscles will get firmer before the "fat" melts. Known girls who lived that problem.
    Hope this helps. Good luck with your fitness program and congratulations on stopping to smoke.

  11. I have another tip regarding diet and healthy eating habit. Make sure you eat the most for your breakfast, hopefully between 7-9am. You won't gain weight from your big breakfast cause you will use all the calories during the day. And make sure you eat the lightest for the dinner. Eat breakfast like a king, and dinner like a peasant . If you love milk, stop it and drink soy milk instead. (I won't go into too much details about how milk is bad, but you can research about it if you'd like to.) : )