Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Illustraion Friday: Expired

The first thing that popped into my mind upon seeing this week's theme word at Illustration Friday: Expired, was expired milk. This was a fun one to do. I drew the original sketch, scanned it, did the line art in Illustrator and painted it in photoshop. It's supposed to be a cup of expired milk and someone making a bleh face over it .Hopefully it comes across that way :) Thanks for looking.

Oh the weightloss front, I haven't gained or lost anything so far this week. I am simply maintaining. I can deal with that :) I do still have a little soreness in my leg muscles from the evil, I mean lunges. I added the "Plank" to the ol' routine and holy hell that's hard! When the instructor on my wiifit says "10 more seconds", I wanna slap her around lol. What can I say, exercise makes me violent! I find myself looking for healthy activities to do on the weekends that have nothing to do with the Wii. So far I have played basketball (HORSE is playing basketball right?), tossed the frisbee to my kids, and played at the park. I find I don't get winded as easily (until I try to race my kids up a hill to the car that is, *insert wheezing here*.), I am thrilled with that. I also noticed that when I poke my own stomach, there is some firmness lying low under the jiggles. That wasn't the case before, I can tell you that! I see no changes to my body in the mirror. So I have to look harder to find the improvements. It's going to take time, and patience. Today I am happy to report that I continue to reach for the goal. Hope all is well in your world and that you have a fantastic day :D


  1. well, the picture is different!

    as for the wgt loss.... you're good. i'm dieting and NOT exercising. i weigh & measure EVERYTHING i eat. it's slow going too, but since jan. i'm down 18 lbs! yay. hope to start walking when the weather gets nice. no kids at this end.

    keep up the good work - both in art & wgt loss!

  2. you've made me feel bad for the expired milk, now thats art!

  3. The illo is fnny and perfect for this week topic!About your weigh,don't give up,it's hard but I can say that you'll see the happy ending:)

  4. I was able to see the expried milk - LOL

    Congrats on the exercise goal. I want to get Wii Fit someday but for now, walking when the weather is nice is the best I can get (husband out paces me however).