Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scrapbook crops are FUN!!!!!

So I went to the crop and I brought EVERYTHING. I decided for my first crop I would make cards, sounded like a good plan at home. However, once I got there all I wanted to do was layouts lol. So I went shopping and got some new papers and created a one page layout that I love, and all I have to add is photos and journaling. I hope to get to that today. What made the crop as much fun as it was are the ladies I was sitting with. They all loved to joke and laugh, and made me feel like I've known them for years :) Thank you crop people. At one point I was even dancing O.o, this song came on the radio that was do-wop style so I started swaying to and fro and rolling my hands in a circle while declaring, "I'm a pip!" It was awesome when they laughed. I was made to do it again for someone's camera lmao. Ohhhhhhhh and then I had to work at that SB store the next day and they were having a yard sale in the crop room. So I got a tool tote thingamabob for a mere $8!! It's blue and has some camoflauge, I love it. Now I can trade in my ziplock bags :) I got some buttons, brads snd primas for 25 cents! Paper was 10 for a buck. I love a good deal. I also got a large pack of Twinkling H2O's for $5, here;s hoping I actually use them. I ran out of money before I found a fascinator (Sp?) and a pack of the staples it uses for $4. is that a good deal? It was good times, I will definitely be going again. Thanks for the tips and advice in the comments section of my last post, everything you said was exactly how it went. I brought all this extra stuff and finished 1 card, 1- 1 page layout and covered some chipboard album with paper, that's it, in 6 hours! lol. I gotta go for now, but thanks for visiting and hope you are having a fantastic day! Love to my peeps!!


  1. sounds like you had a blast and hope you show us your lay out :)

  2. I knew you would have a godd time. We want to see your LO when you get it finished. Yeah, i forgot to mention you do more talking than you do cropping. But it is always FUN!

  3. I told you that it would be fun! Even thoi I have never cropped away from home myself LOL
    LOVE that you danced! YOU ROCK! (literally LOL)
    lOVE YA!