Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am finally uploading my latest layouts! I didn't finish all of these today. I did the "For Me" layout today though :). This first one here is my oldest son Chris and his girlfriend Kacey Before heading out to their Senior Prom. They make such a cute couple.
This is to show the detail of the ruffled paper

My youngest daughter riding her bike and posing for me :)

This one I did finish today and I love how it turned out. I sewed on it and hand stitched the swirls. I can't wait to show it to Kacey :)

This one cracks me up. My kids like to run through the ditch in front of our house and eventually "slide" in it. Look at the wave of water they created! LOL

I almost titled this one "Perfect 10". Something about her coming out of the water like this reminded me of Bo Derek in "10" . It just seemed weird to put that on a layout about my daughter, but I think it every time I see this page.

Sarah, how I love that you like to have your picture taken. I have lots of layouts of Sarah. If my other kids ever complain, I will simply remind them of when they ran from me, covered their faces or otherwise avoided my camera's lens. This time we were baking Banana Muffins. They were delicious.

No school year would be complete without a Back To School Layout. Imagine my surprise at finishing it mere days from taking the photos! lol.

That's all from me today. Tomorrow we are going to Grandpa's Birthday Party. He is 81 Years old!! I hope I get some awesome photos of everyone. Have a fun and safe Labor day everyone. Hugs to my peeps out there :)
PS- I know I used sketches on some these and I do believe they were from Susan Stringfellow at and a layout I loved by Jana Eubanks at


  1. Love the first layout.
    Seems like you had a lot of fun! I'm not good at paper crafting, more familiar with digital drawing but I think doing things by hand must be a great practice ;-)

    By the way, I just noticed that you still have my old blog link (in search of my style) Would you like to change it to MerryDay?

    Thanks for linking me!

  2. I changed it in my blog reader, and now in my links as well ;)

  3. Dawn these are all so awesome! I know I told you before, but wwanted to tell you again, I LOVE your photos! You style is so awesome! TFS!

  4. Great layouts. Love the paper ruffles on the first one (good idea to make a close-up, because difficult to notice on the first picture). Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your LO are all soooo Gorgeous Dawn TFS
    Have a great weekend:)x

  6. ♥♥♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! (& many more!) ♥♥♥

    how cool are these LO's?! (hint: they are VERY cool indeed!) i have to laugh b/c i immediately thought, "that little girl looks like bo derek in 10!" and then i thought perhaps that was a disturbing thing to think & tried quite hard to un-think it! :) your sarah reminds me of my niece maddie...she would pose ALL DAY whilst her cousins...not so much...

    ok, i need to scroll down now, i see MUCH MORE awesomeness below! ♥

    (ps: your profile chat is QUITE amazingly & hilariously fab...not that i am jealous or anything...sigh...) :)

  7. Jealous of your paper craft abilities! I'll keep reading and hope to pick up some tips!

  8. Thanks everyone for the awesomely kind comments!! You made my whoooooooooooole day!! Jessica be sure to check out the sketch site links as well. Most of these are not my own original ideas :) I ♥ sketches!! Embrace them, they can be your best friend :)