Monday, October 11, 2010

I taught a class....

.....and I liked it! No actually, I loved it! Here is the wall hanging I created:

(Took the photo from the store's website ;) ) It was my first time teaching and I was really nervous at first. The ladies that came to the class put me right at ease and we had alot of fun. Aside from rolling the petals on the green flower lol. We started late and finished late, but everyone was a good sport and we managed to get it all done :) . Yesterday was a good day.


  1. HOORAY for good days...especially good days that consist of becoming A TEACHER for the first time and hitting a home run out of the park with that FAB project!!! ♥♥♥ to you & your newly discovered talent!!! :)

    (ps: YES! you should *definitely* make yourself an ami book! trust me, it is almost as fun as making the ami's themselves and completely assuages the pangs of giving 'em away! maybe some of your recipients would even be willing to PHOTO your little guys retrospectively?! worth asking, dontcha think?!)

  2. Oh I remember my first teach - very nerve-racking but your work looks beautiful

  3. You should not be nervous. You are very talented! Love the project!!!