Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amigurumi Apple and Friend :)

What's better than crocheting an Amigurumi Apple?

Crocheting an Amigurumi Worm to fit inside it! But it needs something else.....

Lil Miss Worm needs a beret and scarf of course! Now they are all set for gift giving. Hope the recipient enjoys receiving them :)

I bought the patterns for these from Ana Paula Rimoli's Etsy shop . I bought this awile ago, and after searching her store, I couldn't find this particular pattern. But if you are interested in it, maybe you could email her and ask? I believe it is called Miss Worm and her Apple Home. She has pattern after seriously cute pattern of Amigurumis. So even if you can't find this one, I am sure you will find something else you like. Thanks for looking and have a great day!!

Hugs, Dawn

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