Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tried my hand at Digital Painting

And this is the result...
The best part......I had so much fun drawing and painting this guy with my bamboo Fun tablet. 
The worst part......Either he is the biggest squirrel ever or those are some really short trees! My husband said they could be broccoli instead of trees. Gotta love him for trying. I am off to work on perspective.
Oh but first I have to share this: 100 Themes Blog. There you will find a list of 100 themes to draw. I thought it would be a good idea to try when I don't know what to draw. I am working on 1. Introduction right now. I will post it when I finish it. 
I truly hope you are having a beautiful day.
Hugs, Dawn


  1. Nice drawing/coloring! I can't even draw anything close to that good, whether it's a huge squirrel or broccoli trees! My drawings look like stick figures. :/ Love it!

  2. Not bad! Are you using Photoshop? Keep at the tablet! It gets easier the more you work on it.

  3. Thanks a bunch Sharla :)

    I am using photoshop Bob and my hand eye coordination isn't too good yet. Working on it though, it sure is fun!