Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magazine Monday on WEDNESDAY!

Wow am I ever late posting this one eh? Sorry about that! I really like how this page turned out. Not terribly thrilled with the way I added the verse, but I am not going to change it now (I tried and it wanted to rip eeeppp!)
I gesso'ed my pages and then added some drywall tape, for texture.

Here it is after I sprayed on my background and painted all the flowers on.

Here is the page with the Bible verse added. It is John 20:29
Thanks for looking and I hope you have a blessed Monday (and Wednesday)
Hugs, Dawn


  1. Hi Dawn! i´m loving your Magazine Monday series. I have a question for you though: are you journaling on a single magazine? I mean, are your previous journaling pages part of the same magazine? thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques, I must try them myself too :-) have a great week!

    1. Hello ileana! I'm so happy you like magazine monday! Yes I do use a single magazine. Each week I flip to the next set of pages and start creating.

    2. Thank you Dawn! now I really want to start making one myself :-) I think I have a few magazines I didn´t throw away yet :-P

    3. I like to think of it as a "safe" place to play with ideas and techniques without wasting expensive paper, canvas etc. Then when I create something I love, I can recreate it on better quality substrates. Plus it's really fun to look through a magazine of your own artwork! If you do start one, I would love to see your pages!!!