Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Magazine Monday is missing....

......I will try to get to that today. Instead I have some artwork to share from last Saturday evening, when me and my 12 year old daughter sat down at the dining room table to watercolor. We also got my oldest daughter (17) and her friend to join us and eventually my oldest son (22) sat and water colored with us too. Here are some of the results of our time together:

My 12 year old's:
(this one was gifted to me by my daughter, I'm so lucky!! Love it)

Oldest daughter's friend (18):

Oldest son's (22):
See the splatter on the bottom to the left? He dripped paint on the paper and used a straw to blow it around. This started this next part!

I dropped paint on paper and my oldest daughter blew it around with a straw:
it looked like a flower so I added the stem.

Then we used more colors:

and that last one, lead me to this:
I used a black fine point sharpie to add the little circles and and a white gel pen for the white areas you see. 
In another completely unrelated note, did you know if you place one end of a straw in your mouth and the other end under your armpit and blow, it makes a fart noise? Yep, completely unrelated. lol.
Thanks for stopping by, now go play with paint.
Hugs, Dawn

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