Monday, February 8, 2010

My Sister the Freak..... a new web comic, by Dani Jones! It is being launched on March 12th,2010. I've mentioned Dani here before. She is this super cool children's book illustrator who broadcasts live drawing, painting and digi work over on ustream, every morning at 10 am est, Tues. through Friday. You can ask questions, make comments, etc. She is really nice and she makes her art look so easy, even though it isn't! She has quite a few shows recorded, if you want to check her out right now. The link is up there, or you can click here. So, mark your calendars, add her page to your favorites and check out "My Sister the Freak"!! You can also find awesome tutorials, and her portfolio on her blog, Enjoy, and have a fantastic day!! :D