Thursday, August 12, 2010

some info about my last post

Hello! It's me again :) I wanted to post the project idea sources from my last post. You didn't think I came up with those wonderful ideas on my own did ya? I wish lol. Fortunately we live in the age of computers, internet and people willing to share their creations! Let's hear it for computers!! (I distinctly heard crickets there). uh-hem, moving on. Here is the framed accordian folded papers I saw at Wendy Sue Anderson's blog, Just me....and my little world. I love, love, love her style and use of color :). A couple posts ago I create a sign for my bathroom that said, Relax. I found the project on Carole Janson's blog, 3 Dimensional Me. For the record, I want to recreate just about everything on Carole's blog. Take a look at her stuff and you will see why. She's awesomely talented!
Sadly I cannot find the link to the blogger that created this :

If anyone has seen this online or knows who created it, could you leave me a link in the comments section. I feel terrible for not knowing. Is anyone inspired to create something today? I sure hope so! If you do create something today, leave me a link! I wanna see what you do :)
Have a fantastic day!!

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  1. It's beautiful! I think I'm always inspired by reading other people's blogs and yes!, it including yours, Dawn :-)

    Oh! I have just finished my Halloween items. Come and take a look!