Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A thunderstorm is coming..... I have to make this fast. I tend to shut down my computer during bad weather, and bad weather is almost upon us. So I will post the pics now and share the deets later.

This is just a simple, cheap 8x10 photo frame that I adhered paper to the glass and decorated with accordian folded flowers and buttons. I then added some Dew Drops and Rhinestone Bling.

A closer view of the "Flowers"

This is a shadowbox I bought at the dollar store (I bought 2)

This is how I redecorated it.

Yet another view. Links to the original projects I found online to come soon, I promise!! I just have to wait for the thunderstorm to blow over.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you are having better weather :)


  1. Way too cute!! I hope your storm passes quickly.

  2. Very cute! Love those flower you made in that shadow box!

  3. fantastic projects!! love all your handmade flowers :)

  4. Very very cute projects!! I love them both! :o)

  5. Ohhhh my goodness...these are gorgeous!!! Fabulous job Dawn!!

    HUGS - LORi

  6. Wow...These are two absolutely fantastic projects. I'm so gonna bookmark this! Hope the storm has passed ;)

  7. oooh! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! wow! i ♥LOVE♥ seriously lOOoOoOOoOOve these! (WOW!)