Thursday, January 6, 2011

A blog award :)

"Dawn at Lost in Paper Scraps - Met Dawn (and Jeanne too) on the first Yahoo group I ever joined. Dawn you seem to always find the bright spot in life and your optimism and sense of humor cheer me up when I am down. Thanks so much for sharing your light with others! "
-Lora Washburn

Wow! What can I say? Thank you so much Lora. You made my day.

Lora's award has motivated me to pass this award on to some people who inspire me.

Jeanne- I can't say enough about you GF. You enhance my life in so many ways, it's impossible to list all the reasons you inspire me. For being who you are is the best way I can say it :)

Bob Canada- You draw the coolest characters and make it look effortless. You inspire me to draw. I also love your posts on The Walking Dead TV Show!

Amber Alvarez- Your artwork has a way of making me smile, even it it's just a toaster. How do you do that??!!

Jingle Belles- Motivational? YES! After MONTHS of no new posts to my blog, this Christmas Card Challenge Blog got me motivated not only to create a card, but also to post it! Kudos to Lauren and Stef!!

Thanks guys for doing what you do.

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