Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hey Cupcake Card

Seeing if you were paying attention LOL. Me n Sarah Transforming at Target last summer :)

I was Cryping (me+Jeanne+Skype+crafting=cryping aka good times!) yesterday with Jeanne while we worked on this week's Jingle Belles prompt. We also worked on some more cards, ok I finished 2 cards and Jeanne finished like 20 or so in the same amount of time. AND I needed inspiration (aka copying a card I saw in a magazine, only with different products ;) for the second one. I cut my base paper 7"x6 1/4" so it will fit in a standard size envelope. I decided it was worth trying making this size because I always have these envelopes on hand and they are super cheap to replace. I always run out of invitation envies and then forget to buy them O.o I think I am gonna go grab another cup of coffee and then start working on another card or even a scrapbook page! Thanks for looking! I hope you have a super dee duper day :)


  1. BWAHAHAHAHA I LOVE those photos! and your card is DARLING!! I had so much fun cryping with you yesterday!!

    I only ended up with so many card because like 8 0f them were so simple..... sticker, ribbon done LOL

    I wanna play again today too, I just made a bra card :)

  2. HAHAHAHHA! I have to see that!

  3. Oh I love the layout of this card Dawn - really cute! Your transformer pictures are so funny.