Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And she came out of my own brain! :)

This doll did, I thought her up while doodling last night. I created her today while my kidlets were at school. Isn't she adobo (adorable in Dan language lol, Dan being my hubba, hubba hubby). I created a tube from fabric, gathered the ends with a running stitch, covered some chipboard circles in fabric and/or yarn, and then tied off her head and made her a dress and some braided yarn arms. I am not one to embroider, it turns out horrifying so I doodled her face on with a Sharpie :) I used my chalks to give her some blush. That's about all there is to her. I luff her to pieces. She keeps me company in my scrap closet while I am creating. See, now I am NOT talking to myself lol.

Thanks for looking :)

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