Thursday, May 21, 2009

OMG! Check These Out!!

I've come across a couple of blogs recently that I simply fell in love with. This first one .....for a different kind of girl. She writes, I read (amongst others), I laugh, I laugh so hard I almost pee my pants!! She is...well, awesome AND she posted her prom pics! How brave is that?!! Read the post, you will understand :)
Up next is a blog I found through How About Orange (which is a great blog in and of itself). It's called Make It and Love It. There is a list of clickable lovliness commonly referred to as PROJECTS!! I loooooooooooooove me some projects, tutorials, patterns, mmmmmmmmmmm scrumptious, and totally free!!! I clicked through all of them and have discovered there are several things there that I can and want to do. Must do, must try. Must, must, must. (does crafting work like this for everyone or is it just me?? Maybe I am just strange. I see a craft I like, I'm inspired. Overjoyed to try it the point of compulsion. Like I cannot work on anything else until this particular project is finished. I gotta do, do, do it!! Like NAO! That ring any bells with anyone else? Hands? Come on raise those hands....anyone.....someone....). I hope you find something you like :) See ya later lovlies. Thanks for stopping by.
*waving at you*


  1. OMG GREAT LINKS!! I was reading and lmao lol, great stuff dawn!! TFS!

  2. *raising hand and waving wildly* YES, Dawn it's like that for me too. Thanks to you and your purse post and links .. I've been bitten. I haven't been scrapping in the past year, but my new obsession is sewing. My machine is happy to be dusted off!

  3. Yes, absolutely ... both hands are raised and waving !