Friday, February 5, 2010

Some things to share and the weather!

I have alot to get to today. So, let's start off with the weather, shall we? I live in Ohio, and it's been snowing since about 8:30 this morning and doesn't look like it intends to stop anytime soon (sigh). It not the normal, cute little snowflakes, but these huge, honking snowball type things. I've never seen anything like it. I have pictures so you can see. SEE???!!! (I think you can click on the image to enlarge it.)
It's falling on the road, across the street, and even trying to creep it's way into our apartment! (pardon my dirty threshold, I am so embarrased! NOT lol)
Looks like I added some distress to the photos, but I didn't. That is just how much is falling!! They even had early release at school today, so my kidlets got a 2 hour break. Now if my Hubby will just get on board, pack it in for the day and scoot on back to me, I will have all my peeps safe and sound and under one roof. For those of you that grew up with this stuff or worse and are thinking I am a total snow wuss, gimmie a break, I grew up in and around California most of my life (Navy brat BABY!! lol)
OK......enough about that....
Now, as I mentioned in my previous post, Holly sent me a weightloss journal, here it is, in all it's awesome greatness. I really love it Holly, thank you for thinking of me!!! I find the cupcakes ironic, and I love me some irony :D

On we go, if you read my blog regularly, you can expect to find this along with most posts containing free digi files: "If you make something using one or more of my files, PLEASE show me!!". Well, show me you have!!! Let me hear a WOOT! WOOT!! (you can do better than that, WOOT! WOOT!!). Sooooooooooo, I asked each linker, each creater of creations if I could steal their photos to show them off here on my ol' blog and they said......ok some didn't say anything, so I will just accept their silence as assent. (If it bothers said creator/creators, simply let me know and I will remove your images.....k?) In no particular order:

Debb of "Forget Me Knot Nonsense Blog", used my "Beaver" digi:
(Minus his tail and he becomes a Groundhog!!! AWESOMENESS!)

Mamichelle of "Shell's Life Blog", used my "Lil House" digi:
(I love the sparkle she added!)

Rose of "My Happy Place Blog", used my "Goin Swimming" bird digi:
(The paper pieced bikini is a hoot!)

Thank you ladies for linking me to your creations, you really made my digis "come alive". I have such awesome and incredible blog visitors, nay blog friends. You guys know you RAWK, right? If I missed any linkage, be sure to beat me over the head with a comment letting me know, or an email, or a wet noodle.....MMMmmm noodles....did I mention I've been dieting? uh-hem. I hope I see you again soon!!


  1. Wow Dawn, that snow is beautiful! I would love to have that outside my window right now. I'm glad you like the journal and hope it brings a smile to your face when you think about exercising! The cards you shared are wonderful - must be a cool feeling to see your images used like this!

  2. Oh Dawn these are adorable! and your digis are too cute.... Thank-you so much for sharing!

  3. Enjoy the snow from safe inside(better you than me!). I am so thrilled that you posted my card here! Thank you! Love the other cards and that journal is beautiful- good luck!

  4. Wow, Dawn! You must be so honored to see your creations come to life by your awesome readers! I have colored one of them but it hasn't made it's way onto a card yet. I like to play and have a hard time following through to the end!

    As for the snow...OMG! My husband and I first saw snow a few years ago in Cincinnati when we took our daughter to Cincinnati Childrens. The people in the hospital probably thought I was nuts because I ran outside at 8:00 p.m. with my camera so I could see the snow! It didn't snow near as much as in your pictures, but it qualified as snow!

    Keep warm!

  5. Holy Smokes! I have just spent a couple of hours reading your Blog! I want to give you a HUGE thanks for being so generous! Love your work!

  6. OMGoodness!! i am soooo glad i don't live in the snow!! you stay safe and warm girl. :)

  7. Wow on the snow! You must be in a diffeent part of Ohio. I am in the burbs' of Cincinnati and we haven't gotten near as much as you have. No early release from school down here. I'm glad, but my daughter is bummed, she wants to play in some snow! Oh well.

    Stay Warm, Lisa

  8. Hi Dawn ~ great blog!
    Very nice book you received and I love snow...looking at it from other peoples pictures!
    I have downloaded a few of your digi images - thank you - I will be sure to let you know if I post something!
    Stay warm & enjoy the snow!

  9. Wow, I can't believe all your snow! It's usually us New Englanders who get slammed! It's so pretty but such a pain to clear.

    I added brads to my card because it was so plain, but that's ok. Love the little house image and all your images!

  10. Holy doodles, that's a whack of snow! And I know whacks of snow! But it sure is pretty, you have to admit :)

  11. OH that snow looks magical! I love seeing pictures, cos its the only way I can ever see it!

  12. Hi Dawn - thanks for the nice comments on my blog! You have a great blog going here, and it seems like you are having alot of fun! It is cool to see what others have done with your great digi pics! I'll be back :)