Friday, July 30, 2010

A Scrapping We Did Go......... was Kids Kamp at the scrap store, so I took my youngest daughter Sarah there to create this fun project. We still have to add photos, but other than that it is finished and she did a wonderful job on it. She's quite the little scrapper! Here are some photos of her at work :)

Let's do this thing!

Adding some patterned paper.

Adding brads to a circle.

Inking the edges!

I was just there to watch.

TADA!!! The finished work of art!! :D
Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone is enjoying today :) Hugs to those of you who want one :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scrapbook crops are FUN!!!!!

So I went to the crop and I brought EVERYTHING. I decided for my first crop I would make cards, sounded like a good plan at home. However, once I got there all I wanted to do was layouts lol. So I went shopping and got some new papers and created a one page layout that I love, and all I have to add is photos and journaling. I hope to get to that today. What made the crop as much fun as it was are the ladies I was sitting with. They all loved to joke and laugh, and made me feel like I've known them for years :) Thank you crop people. At one point I was even dancing O.o, this song came on the radio that was do-wop style so I started swaying to and fro and rolling my hands in a circle while declaring, "I'm a pip!" It was awesome when they laughed. I was made to do it again for someone's camera lmao. Ohhhhhhhh and then I had to work at that SB store the next day and they were having a yard sale in the crop room. So I got a tool tote thingamabob for a mere $8!! It's blue and has some camoflauge, I love it. Now I can trade in my ziplock bags :) I got some buttons, brads snd primas for 25 cents! Paper was 10 for a buck. I love a good deal. I also got a large pack of Twinkling H2O's for $5, here;s hoping I actually use them. I ran out of money before I found a fascinator (Sp?) and a pack of the staples it uses for $4. is that a good deal? It was good times, I will definitely be going again. Thanks for the tips and advice in the comments section of my last post, everything you said was exactly how it went. I brought all this extra stuff and finished 1 card, 1- 1 page layout and covered some chipboard album with paper, that's it, in 6 hours! lol. I gotta go for now, but thanks for visiting and hope you are having a fantastic day! Love to my peeps!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Going to my first crop!

I was convinced by a co worker to attend the 6 hour crop at the scrapbook store I work for. It's my first one. I have to admit I am a little nervous. I've never scrapped with anyone before (except on the phone :)). I have to figure out what to bring, and how to bring it. This is all new to me, so I really hope I like it. Any tips or advice on how to pack, or what to pack?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've been scrapbooking :)

Hello Dear Readers!! I hope I have some left :D I have been away a long time without any posts. I appologize for my absence. I have so much to catch up on. Work, scrapping, cleaning, hanging out with my kids, rinse and repeat. Summer is hectic and our schedule is all over the place, kinda willy, nilly. Yesterday we we went swimming at my oldest son's girlfriend's house. We had a great time. I took pics, I will have to share some when and if I get permission from the girls in them :) I haven't been dieting or working out O.O I need to so badly. At this point I am afraid to step on a scale, so I just don't. Bad, I know......and I could say I am gonna do something about it starting right now! But that would be a lie. I may be chunky, but a liar I ain't! I need to find some motivation, maybe it's hiding under a rock somewhere, I wouldn't know I haven't gone looking for it. On another note, I have been enjoying working at the scrapbook store. I am starting to recognize our customers and have worked on some really fun projects. I was thrilled to sell the last page kit I put together. It's so cool that someone out there liked what I did well enough to buy it! Thank you awesome customer from the other day :) I have scrapbooked a few of my own pages recently as well and here are some photos. I will include the journaling as well since it may be hard to read in the photos.

Once Upon a Time.....
.......Emily and Chris were as close as two siblings could be. Wherever Chris went, so went Emily. He'll say he hated it, but it simply didn't come across that way, not to me. It was as if he expected her to go with him. When I look at these photos of Chris and Emily together in 2004, all I see there is love, and devotion. The kind a little sister carries for her older brother.
A mere 6 years leaves this relationship quite a bit different, but not entirely changed. As they get older their interests change. Emily started hanging out with her girlfriends and Chris found out that girls aren't icky lol. Emily may not be tagging along after her brother much anymore, but I know, they will always be there for each other. I hope that one day they both realize how special a relationship they have. Mom- 2010

You're only 9 once, enjoy it!

Summer Fun: Ryan and Sarah playing tag with the neighborhood children.

So Beautiful:I snapped this photo of my mom whil waiting for Chris's Graduation ceremony to start. I love how this photo turned out. My mom, the first person to love me, one of the best people on the planet! I got so lucky to be her daughter. I can't imagine a better role model.
CTF: I think every kid in the neighborhood showed up to play "Capture The Flag". I love it when the older kids find a way to play with the younger ones and no one fights or feels left out.
That's all from me today. I have been drawing a little each night, but nothing worth sharing so far. I hope you have a fantastic day. Thanks for stopping by :)