Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine card box

Valentine's Day always takes me back to my elementary school days. When we hung homemade envelopes to the fronts of our desks with tape. Each envelope was decorated with construction paper hearts and each name was neatly written. Then we all got to pass out our Valentine's cards to each other. When the distribution was complete, we'd head back to our desk to discover our envelopes packed with cards of all sizes and shapes. It was so fun to open each one and read the corny expressions or jokes. The best of all was finding that one Valentine from someone special and noticing that it wasn't the standard card he had given to everyone else. This one was handmade and signed with love. So cute! The tradition is alive and well. My daughter is celebrating Valentine's day at school in much the same way. Her 5th grade class is having a party complete with a Valentine box decorating contest! Here is the box we came up with using an empty tissue box and other random craft supplies we had on hand:

He really wants your Valentines!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!

Love Banner

Here is the Love Banner I made in honor of Valentine's Day. I think it turned out pretty cute :D
What cha think?

Just checking if you were paying attention....FISH LIPS!

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