Monday, August 23, 2010

Wanna Win???

If you like digis, then you will love free ones, especially when they are this stinkin' cute!! Visit Lori's Blog for all the deets and your chance to win!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

some info about my last post

Hello! It's me again :) I wanted to post the project idea sources from my last post. You didn't think I came up with those wonderful ideas on my own did ya? I wish lol. Fortunately we live in the age of computers, internet and people willing to share their creations! Let's hear it for computers!! (I distinctly heard crickets there). uh-hem, moving on. Here is the framed accordian folded papers I saw at Wendy Sue Anderson's blog, Just me....and my little world. I love, love, love her style and use of color :). A couple posts ago I create a sign for my bathroom that said, Relax. I found the project on Carole Janson's blog, 3 Dimensional Me. For the record, I want to recreate just about everything on Carole's blog. Take a look at her stuff and you will see why. She's awesomely talented!
Sadly I cannot find the link to the blogger that created this :

If anyone has seen this online or knows who created it, could you leave me a link in the comments section. I feel terrible for not knowing. Is anyone inspired to create something today? I sure hope so! If you do create something today, leave me a link! I wanna see what you do :)
Have a fantastic day!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A thunderstorm is coming..... I have to make this fast. I tend to shut down my computer during bad weather, and bad weather is almost upon us. So I will post the pics now and share the deets later.

This is just a simple, cheap 8x10 photo frame that I adhered paper to the glass and decorated with accordian folded flowers and buttons. I then added some Dew Drops and Rhinestone Bling.

A closer view of the "Flowers"

This is a shadowbox I bought at the dollar store (I bought 2)

This is how I redecorated it.

Yet another view. Links to the original projects I found online to come soon, I promise!! I just have to wait for the thunderstorm to blow over.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you are having better weather :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

I made a wall hanging!

I made it for my bathroom. I have some other project ideas for said bathroom as well. I will get to those soon too I hope. I loooooooooove how this one turned out. I used papers from "Doodling Around" stack by ummmm DCWV(???). I love that stack :). I have to go make dinner for my fam. I hope to see you soon!! Thanks for stopping by. Love to my peeps!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Check this out!

I love going to art blogs and looking at incredible art. There are some highly talented people out there. I have some favorites that I check out daily. Thank you internet for making inspiration only a click away. Today I went to Abz Hakim's blog and was blown away by the images I saw there. He has such talent! He puts so much emotion into his characters. This one in particular: Gabriella
I also love, love, love the art by Bob Canada. He always throws something I don't expect into his artwork. His characters are wonderful.
If you are in the mood to check out some art blogs, here are a few more of my favorites:
Cally Jane Studio
Action Art
Dani Draws
Happy Doodle Land
She Sure Is Sketchy
Stewy Stuff
The Ol' Sketchbook

I hope you find something you like. Thanks for coming by today :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I created stuff!!

This first item was created by making several little boxes and then sticking them together. Then I decorated each box and popped the whole thing in a shadowbox frame. I saw this idea online at scrappystickyinkymess's blog and thought it was so cute, I had to have one of my own. Here's a link to the tutorial: Wall Art and here is her finished project (I love her's!!!). I put it in a frame because it hangs in my kitchen and I know it would get gunky if I it wasn't protected by a layer of glass lol.

This next one, I cut chipboard to 3"x5" (the M a little wider), and taped them together accordian style. I embellished it with paper, ribbon, flowers, stickles, brads and ink. I pop dotted each letter to give them a little dimension. I love how it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to my peeps :)