Friday, November 30, 2012

I worked on my art journal yesterday. That is 2 days in a row! Woot! I love the quote on this one. I found it on Pinterest. I know I  am too harsh on my own work sometimes, so this is good to remember. It says:"Be fearless in your art. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to love what you create. 
I love this page :D
I used a page from a phone book that I tore up for the flowers. Which I then covered in paint.
Lots of paint.
You can see there is a little dimension to the flowers. 

I used an old clothing pattern as the base of this page. then threw all kinds of stuff at it. 

Gesso, paint, Conte sticks, rub-ons,  I even broke out my dymo labeler :)

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 I hope you have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Dawn

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I was playing in my art journal yesterday and this is the result. I should have taken a photo of my hands afterward, they had more paint on them than the page. I had so much fun making this!
I found some paper hearts and doilies at goodwill for 99 cents, so I glued some of those down and then coated everything in a layer of  Gesso and then went in with some acrylic paints. Which I applied with my hands :D Good times.
Next I added some chipboard letter stickers I have had forever. I traced around the edges of the hearts with a charcoal pencil and smeared it with my finger. This would have been easier if I had done that before adding the letter stickers, live and learn.
I found this quote on the internet and loved it so it had to go on there. "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire". I just printed it on plain ol' copy paper and tore it into a circle-ish shape and then added the red paint around it and made it drip a little. Add more paint everywhere. I made smears, dots and dipped the edge of a gift card in paint and made lines with it. FUN!
And rub-ons. Add them everywhere!
And doodle in some spots too, because it feels good :) 
and it adds a personal touch. The last thing I did was add a piece of old packaging to stamp the date on. I have learned that I love stamping with the date stamp. Reminds me of the librarian stamping the books. Oh then I stapled it on with my Tiny Attacher. I loooooooooove my Tiny Attacher. If you don't have one, get one. You won't regret it. The staples are itty bitty and so cute! 
I love how this one turned out.
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Hugs, Dawn

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Enjoy Life

I made this piece of art yesterday to go with the one I made the previous day. I added a ribbon to the top to hang it with. 

Do you think these "go together". I wanted them to be sister pieces that I can hang together. I am thinking about doing another one today, slightly bigger and with a butterfly on it. It would probably look better if I had taken the pictures together in the same light. I will do that when the 3rd one is finished. 

I drew this one and colored it with colored pencils last night. I am missing warmer temps and being able to go outside to draw.
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Hugs, Dawn

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christy Tomlinson Inspired

Hello :)
 So I was watching this video yesterday by Christy Tomlinson. It inspired me to create some artwork. I had an old Christmas box that I cut apart and used one of the side panels as my base. I painted some gesso on it to hide the Christmas pattern. Then I made some marks in the Gesso with the end of a paintbrush. Let it dry and began to add some paint smears :)

I made my own flowers out of scrapbook paper scraps from the 6x6 Serendipity paper pad. I think Basic Grey makes it. I just cut some wonky "circles" and layered them. Then scrunched them up a bit and stapled the layers together. I added a brad to the centers and in Christy Tomlinson style, added some paint to them. I free hand cut the vase and adhered it to my base.

I added some rub-ons, ink drops, and doodling. As well as some stamping in Black Staz-On. 

I punched 2 holes at the top and threaded some ribbon through the holes, so I can hang it on my wall.
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Hope you have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Dawn

Monday, November 12, 2012

Art Journal Page

I have a girl crush on Donna Downey. I love her artwork and I love her personality. I have been watching her Inspiration Wednesday videos. I also love watching art journal videos by Christy Tomlinson. Both these ladies inspire me to create. 
So I took some photos today of the page I made. 
Here are the "ingredients" I used to make my page.
My art journal is just a large hard cover book I found at my local Goodwill store for $1.99. I started out by adding Gesso to my pages. Then covered the whole shebang with Drywall tape for some cool texture. Then I added some random paint smears with my fingers (good times, good times). Then I added some water to black acrylic paint to water it down and dripped it down my pages. If I were Donna Downey I would call it dripage :) 
Here's my hand after adding the paints. Finger painting is just as much fun now as it was in Kindergarten. At some point I used a circle stencil (it is actually the surround left over from some circle tags) and sprayed some green alcohol ink over.
Next I made some flowers with this stuff called Metallic Streamers. I found it at Goodwill for 99 cents and it was half price ;) I just pleated and squished until I liked it and glued those puppies down. Then I added some red paint, inked some parts Black with Staz-on, and dotted them with more paint colors to add some texture and interest. Then I added some masking tape, which I ripped and crossed at the base of each flower just because I felt like it ;) 
I painted the stems and leaves on with a couple colors of green acrylic paint.

Here is a close-up of the flowers.
I decided the pages were too stark with so much white showing through so I added some teal paint that I watered down with water. I wanted to alter the color but not cover the other paint smears. Then I added some Yellow acrylic paint drips, some "grass" to the bottom and some white circles randomly on the pages. Next I added some black paint for the flowers' stamens.

I printed my quote on some copy paper, cut out the words and glued them to my pages with Mod Podge.

Next I went around all the word blocks with a black Conte Crayon thingy and smeared it with a dry paintbrush. I also dotted the stamens with white paint. Then I randomly doodled with a black Sharpie and added some black and white rub-ons wherever I decided it needed it. 
I stamped the date on the back of a ticket and adhered it to my page with masking tape.  

THanks for stopping by to take a look. Have a fantastic day!
Hugs, Dawn

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am addicted to Doctor Who!

I was looking at Pinterest today (as I do everyday, love Pinterest!) and I came across this photo of an angel statue. My mind IMMEDIATELY went to Doctor Who. I had to document it here with this.
Thanks for looking and have a fantastic day!
Hugs, Dawn