Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mussie Tussie Gift for Mom

Before I go any further with this post let me first say this...MOM IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS POST PLEASE STOP. YOU WILL RUIN YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!
Everyone else please scroll down for the remainder of this post.

              Every year my mom has one request for her Christmas present. It must be something homemade. I  frantically searched the internet for something I could make, but I wasn't really seeing anything that sparked my creativity........until I saw this post for a MUSSIE TUSSIE by Rachel McAffee on Teresa Collins Design Team Blog.
The photo is my mom when she was 13 years old :) love it! Hope she does too!
                               Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Merry Christmas everyone!!
                                                                      Hugs, Dawn