Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had to get a tooth pulled yesterday. My appointment was set for 11 am, and I was seated in the dentist's chair almost immediately, shot full of Novicaine(Dunno if I spelled that right), and 5 minutes later my dentist was staring into my mouth at close range. With tools. Tools I am better off not having seen. OMGosh it was AWFUL! To my denstist's credit, she did appologize for the noises. They were not good noises. I was appologizing to myself for not having brought my MP3 player. I just closed my eyes and prayed for it to be over quickly. It wasn't :( Apparently, I have strong bones, which is good. Until you need a tooth pulled. All the brute strength and tools she used to try to get that sucker out just weren't working. At one point the handle of one of the tools she was using was hitting my bottom lip and pressing against my teeth. I squeaked in terror and she appologized. At this point, I have a certain scene from "Little Shop Of Horrors" running through my head. My dentist got out the drill, or a saw, or something that sounds terrifying and stuck it in my mouth. My tooth finally came out. In 4 parts. It took all of 30 minutes. It felt like 30 years. Funny thing is, my mom always taught me to say thank you. I could feel the words falling off my tongue and wondering why in the hell I was saying them. With half my face numb. Then I added to my thank you....."It sounds kind of strange to be saying thank you after something like that" (insert drool here along with mostly slurred words). My dentist agreed, and left lol. So off I went to my car with extra gauze, special mouthwash, insructions for care, and a prescription for Vicodin. So I zipped on over to Kroger and had that filled. While waiting 20 minutes for them to pour my "welcome to oblivion" pills into a bottle with my name printed on it, a mom came in with her 2 year old ADORABLE daughter. She was the cutest kid I have ever seen (besides my own, of course), and she was growling at, well, everything. In a cute way. That made me smile. With half of my face. Which made it look more like a sneer. That cute lil kid took one look at me and not only did she stop growling, she ran in horror to her mother and hugged her leg. Kinda peeking around at me like I was an ogre. Which, made me laugh a little, and had said mother picking up her kid and putting her on the pharmacy counter lol. I left to get some frozen peas for my throbbing face. What a fun day :) I hope to get some digi stamps scanned and uploaded as soon as I feel better.


  1. Oh - Dawn, I can feel your pain! I HATE going to the dentist. My DD will be sympathizing with you - she has to have two out via oral surgery - her consult with the surgeon is tomorrow.

    Can't wait to see what you have come up with for the new digital stamps! I finally realized that I have been doing this for years - I print out clipart and color it all the time. DUH!!!

  2. Dawn...you poor thang!!! What an experience!! So sorry you had such a time!!!

    LOL!! I must admit though...your story is a bit funny!!! And who knows that little girl may never growl at anything again!!! LOL!!!

    HUGS ~ LORi

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I hope you are feeling much better after your ordeal at the dentist!
    I have made a card with your cute giraffe digi....you are so talented girl!! :)
    You can see it
    ....hope you like it :)

    Carol x