Thursday, April 8, 2010

Got me some new paints!

Here are some paints and things I got to try and learn to watercolor. My palette doesn't have black, wha???

This was my idea for Illustration Friday from almost 2 weeks ago, the word was "Rescue". I think it came out a little creepy lol.

This is a random turtle that we will call a magician, he made the confetti appear.

I have no idea what this is, but he loves jeans and something may or may not be falling on him.

Seeing if you are paying attention, LOL . See my left eyebrow? That's what happens when you buy microwavable face wax to remove unwanted facial hair and use a eyebrow sticker to get the right shape, except said sticker, moves.........ohhhhhhhh noooooooo. Here's hoping it grows back!

This little guy is so excited, but why? No one knows.

Sailing baby yahh!!!

Still here? Look, I'm Popeye!!

This guy is getting held up or his arms won't lay down naturally.

Thanks for coming by today, I enjoy your company.


  1. lol your mad!!!!! loving your painting hun, love the thing in the jeans...and you eyebrow well what can I
    it'll grow back eventually lol

    hugs shell xx

  2. You are too funny! I don't see anything wrong with your eyebrow!

    Your illustrations are amazing!!

  3. These are so fantastically hilarious! i love this post. I love the ship and the Saaaaiiiling.

    I seriously don't think there's anything wrong with your eyebrow either. Yesterday one of my friends tried to talk me in to thinking my feet aren't ugly. I think she was being sincere, but then she must be crazy. It's funny what we can see about ourselves that other people can't ;)

    Keep up the watercolor! I can't wait to see what comes of this new supply love.

  4. girl you crack me up!!!! can't see your eyebrow lol
    keep up the fantastic drawing :) (love the boy with the big ol smile)

  5. I LOVE those, you are so talented!

    Is number 3 humpty dumpty!? looks like it~

  6. your art is so fantastic..i love your whimsical really should apply to join us at and create and trade some original artists trading cards..

  7. I don't even see what you did to your eyebrow, you're just to darn cute, Dawn!
    Your paintings are A MAZE ING! You rock!

  8. I like that last little guy. He's nice and graphic, but solid too.