Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh what a week it's been.....

...... My Momil (mom in law), had a stroke on Sunday. I know how scared for her I was, I cannot fathom how she felt. She has maintained a positive outlook. She thinks of this as a minor inconvience, I argue with her about that one from time to time. She's already regained strength in her left leg, and is working hard in rehab to get it back in her arm as well. She likes to freak me out by standing up. I go into, "Nervous she's going to fall" mode, and hover around her until she is back on the bed. She always tells me to relax, but I can't. I think she secretly likes to freak me out, which is fine as long it doesn't make her mad and she doesn't fall. She told the doc she feels more cheerful since the stroke, we agreed with that. An unexpected side effect, the mind is a wonderful thing.
Our family resorts to jokes and laughter to get through tough times. Some may find that odd, but it works for all of us. I cannot imagine doing it any other way. Seeing this family rally around each other makes me realize how lucky I am to be a part of it. No matter how much they gag at me and make puking sounds upon reading this, I love you. Momil, I am cheering for you, each and every day.
On a lighter note, today is my oldest son's Senior Prom. Their theme is "An Elegant Affair" or was it " A Black Tie Affair", do I get points deducted for not knowing? I hope not. The tux has been picked up, I am assured it looks sharp. I cannot wait to see for myself. The oldest even got his hair cut for the occasion, WOOT! Today we gotta pick up Kacey's corsage. Then we well pile into the family truckster and invade Kacey's parents house to get heaps of photos of them before they leave :) FUN FUN FUN!!! I will post some pics soon!!


  1. Awww Dawn, sounds like a crazy and rough week! I'm sorry that things are tough, but I'm sure they'll be looking up soon. Isn't family great? I hope everything is OK.

    I think you get bonus points for NOT knowing the theme for the prom ;) I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. oh hun, I am so sorry to read that thing are tough for you at the moment, I will keep my fingers crossed that things start looking up for you real soon.

    As for the prom, cant wait to see some pics....

    huge hugs for you and yours shell xx

  3. Strokes are so scary. I'm glad to hear your mil is doing so well with her attitude. That will help so much in her recovery. I'm praying for your mil and the whole family as she recovers.

    How nice to have a rough week end with a prom! I can't wait to see the pics.

    Big hugs to you, Dawn.

  4. I wish your Momil a great recovery. A stroke is scary, buth your family's attitude will help you pass through it. Take care.
    Looking forward to seeing the pics you take. Hugs.

  5. well i am so glad she is getting better. and laughter is the best medicine!!! :)

  6. oh she sounds in such good spirits. we laugh in hard times too. makes it way easier to bear! you are all in my prayers!

  7. Sad to hear all this!Happy she is getting better!Take care:)