Friday, April 9, 2010

We went a walkin'

My girls watched, "Yes Man" yesterday and were inspired to go for a jog with cameras in hand. They asked if I wanted to come and I said , "I don't really jog.". They were more than happy to let me walk, and so I went along. We snapped some pics of the signs of spring. Here are a sampling of some of my favorite shots. As well as a couple my girls got.

I simply love Daffodils!!

This is Emily taking a picture of her reflection in a puddle, love her shoes in the shot! Emily is 14.

We were all taking pics of the trees in bloom and Sarah said "Mom get a close up!" So I did :)

This is a branch of the tree in our yard, when it blooms it smells heavenly.

The sky was mostly cloudy and overcast for our walk, but Sarah captured a glimpse of the sun trying to peek through. I love this shot! Sarah is 9 :)

I saw this tree's reflection in the water and had to get a pic. I love the perspective, see the parking lot lines in the background? This one is my favorite of the day. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!

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  2. Fab pics the tree reflexion its my fav

    hugs shell xx

  3. awesome pics :) so glad you have such a fab time with the girls

  4. sure do know how to take beautiful pictures to capture some lovely images.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Your daughters are just as talented as their mom. Hugs.