Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some random pics of downtown

buh, duh buh, duh buh buh buh buh duh buh buh buh buh buh buh.......Downtown. Sing it with me lol. I hope I buh duh-ed that right :) Earlier this evening me, the hubs, and 2 of our 4 chillens went to visit their grandma in the hospital. I think I posted here, that she had a mild stroke almost 2 weeks ago. She is going home this Friday and has recovered well so far. She just wants to go home, like yesterday. I don't blame her. The worrier in me is on red alert, but I squash it down and maintain a calm facade :) So after making momil almost pee her pants with laughter, we took off and let her get some rest. On the way home I decided to snap some pics with my cell phone of downtown Columbus. Pardon my dirty windshield lol. I hope you enjoy!

Luxury Apartments! WOOOOO!

I love buildings with TV on them!

A Building, I have no idea what they do here.

Lots of buildings, lots of peeps doing very important jobs, I am sure ;)

Building with ticker tape SWEET!! Almost as good as a building with TV! (Part of my hubs face too!! It almost looks like he's eating the words lol. )

Columbus Dispatch, as the photo says, Ohio's greatest home newspaper.

Now for the really good pics! On the way home we stoped at Meijer and saw these baby geese when we puled into the parking lot! I didn't very good pics, but you can sorta make them out, I hope the arrows help :) I wanted to get out and pet one, but the hubs said the mommy and daddy geese would attack me, so I stayed put :)

I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS DAY!

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