Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art Spark Wednesday.....

I am uploading my video to youtube as we speak. Fingers crossed it works!

.....was supposed to happen today. What is Art Spark Wednesday you ask? It's my very own video series  of me creating something that sparks my creativity. These videos will hopefully take place every Wednesday. They will be about art journaling (which is what I filmed today),  paper crafting, card making, or whatever "sparks" my imagination, curiosity, or just feels right. I got up early, grabbed some coffee, turned on the ol' camcorder and created all morning.

        Unfortunately I hit a few snags in the editing, but I hope to have them ironed out by tomorrow. So barring anymore snafus, I hope to post my video tomorrow! The files are being converted right now. Fingers crossed, they all work!
See you tomorrow! (hopefully)
Hugs, Dawn

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