Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stuck on a layout....pooooooooo!

I currently have a layout on my scrapping table that refuses to "speak" to me. I know one of the problems is that I need to hook my Cricut to my computer. There is a bracket file just waiting to be used and the layout is begging for something like that. Nothing to it but to drag the computer in there or the Cricut out here. I'm just lazy, I WILL do it tomorrow. Then there is the problem with the colors in the photo not matching ANY pattern paper I own. I suspect a trip to the scrapbook store is in order. I am hoping it is a paper prob and not a missing mojo thing. I am just now starting to get back on the horse with scrapping, and I would hate to be bucked off so early on. Did that make any sense? Well, I know what I mean so that's something. LOL. Hopefully, said layout will make an appearance here tomorrow :)
Wish me luck.

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