Friday, February 14, 2014

Free File(s) Friday!

First of all I would like to apologize for the lateness of this week's Free Digis. I had a busy day with my kids today. Oldest is sick with Strep throat, no school today and then there was a school dance for my youngest 2. They looked so cute dressed up. Somewhere in there I did manage to create some files! Here they are in no particular order:
Cutie Flower Face

 Heart Flower


 Pretty Flower Face


This is such a random assortment isn't it? You can kind of tell I dove headfirst into my sketch collection and pulled out anything that "spoke" to me. 
I hope you enjoy them. If you take one of my files (or all of them!) be sure to leave a comment to let me know you were here. I really enjoy reading your comments. 
Have a great weekend!!
Hugs, Dawn


  1. Thanks a lot for this beautiful garden!!!
    Ardilla :)

  2. So sorry that one of your kiddies is ill. Hope she/ he recovers soon. Thank you for the freebies! They are wonderful!

  3. I hope your oldest is feeling better soon. We just went through that with our 2 youngest. Thank you for sharing the images. I love the heart flower, they're all great.

  4. OMGOSH these are all so cool! You are so talented! Thanks so much sis!!

  5. These are so neat. Thanks for sharing!