Friday, January 29, 2010

New Day, New Freebie!!

Can you believe I have posted a new digi for 3 days??!! I think this is some kind of a miracle! So for today's digi I bring to you, "ImNotLion". Who is clearly a lion. But, his name still makes complete sense. Say you are making a card, you color this guy right up, make him all cute and colorful, and then think to yourself, "what sentiment should I use?". Well his name is part of the answer, as in (Outside of the card)I'm not Lion.......
(Inside of the card)........I love you!, or, I miss you, (can you think of any? I am out). Or how about this one: Have a roaring good day, birthday, time. Great ideas huh? I have my card sentiment guru to thank, that's right my BFF and Beyond, Jeanne gave me these ideas! Isn't she the coolest?! Love her. Just click on "ImNotLion" to download the larger image. All the better to print him with! And then please leave me a comment. If you make a card, or anything else with this file, or any of my other files, be sure to show me, I will come and leave you a comment in return :D

Thanks for coming by to have a look!!


  1. I will definitely be using your images!!! Wow, they are amazing! You are very talented. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for yet another adorable image!

    I'm still new to cardmaking -- I only made my first cards ever last week, and just made up a separate blog to post them on, but I will be sure and make something fun with one of your images soon and let you know! Your generosity is much appreciated!

  3. girl your on a roll with the super cute digis :) thanks!!

  4. OMGOSH I LUFF him! I'm not LION!! lmao But you knew that! Thanks for the shout out, but I can only help when you show me your fabby images, so we make the POIFECT team!!
    I LOVEEEEEE BFF and Beyond OMG SOOOOOOO COOL! Gonna have to use that!!

    I love this image Thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!

  5. oHHH....I love lions! Lions remind me of the Lion of the tribe of Judah....Jesus Christ. So, thank you. Have a blessed day. :)

  6. He is so cute, Dawn. And I love your ideas for sentiments. Thanks so much.