Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today is Freebie Day!!!

I have two, yes two brand spankin' new digis today. They are very simple, but also very cute! I decided the second one is a bear, but feel free to interpret it anway you like :)
Here's the first one:

and the second:
Heart Tummy Bear (he had a heapin', helpin' of love....COL)

Now if you care to download these guys all you have to do is click on them to be taken to the downloadable file. Then after that is done, or while you are waiting, please leave me some lovins, in the form of a comment of course! I'll think so very highly of you and have happy dreams.

Ok, so if you are still here (and I am happy to have you, that isn't intended as a rude way to tell you to leave, at all), uhem, what I mean to say is if you want to hear about my weight loss stuffs, then please continue reading. If you don't? Feel free to stop reading now........ok is it just us now? Looks like it's you and me babe, thanks for sticking around. So here's the sitch, I am .7 of a pound away from dropping ......................(insert drum roll here)......10 pounds!! I am totally stoked! I have been working out with my Wii Fit for about 45-60 minutes a day, everyday except Sundays. My very good friend....strike that, my BFF.....strike that, she who I could not live without....Jeanne, is working out also and we keep each other on task with it. Some days I need a push and some days she does. To anyone else out there that is struggling to lose weight, and is feeling bleh and doesn't want to work out, (enter you excuse here), here is your push. DO IT! NOW! No exceptions. Run around your livingroom, dance with your kids, anything you want but move dat body. You will feel tremendously better afterward, I promise. Sweating is HAWT! Trust me, it is :D I love youse guys and hope this post finds you happy, healthy and smiling!! Have a fantastic day :)


  1. Ok First CUTEST DIGIS OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE them both!! Gonna use em soon! Thanks sooo much for sharing your ROCKIN digis wit me!!
    Second WOOT GO SISTA!!! I am so very proud of you!!
    You made me cry btw and I could not live without you either!! I LOVE YOU!!
    I needed the push today and got it and I am so happy you gave it!!

    Listen to what she says cuz OMG I feel sooooo much better after I work out, even if I am having a bleh day it makes it way better!!

  2. Dawn I love love love your digi stamps...thank you soooooo much for posting them :) Oh and congrats on the weight loss :D

  3. well these are two more super cute stamps :) thanks
    and WOOHOO! way to go on the weight loss :)

  4. Thank you so much. How cute. I love that frog.

  5. Thanks for the digis but more importantly you're feeling great by moving dat body and losing weight is just a bonus! Well done.

    Kylie ox

  6. Wondeful digi's, I can't wait to get colouring with these cuties. Thank you very much...

    hugs Janie xxx

  7. Thanks so much for the images!

    And good for your on the exercise and weight loss! My husband and I are now doing Weight Watchers together, and it sure does help to have a "partner" in the effort, be it spouse or friend. Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks for the cute

    I also continued to read your meassage your a hoot..
    congrats on losing some weight..awesome
    nice to have a friend to help out...hee haw

  9. Oh they are simply delicious little guys aren't they! These are truly fabulous. I really like your style and your blog is such a wonderful treat! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to come and visit with me and leave such encouraging words as well. Thanks so very much!

  10. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Blog Printable Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: [28 Jan 02:00pm GMT]).

  11. Dawn! CONGRATS on the awesome weight loss. That is SO COOL! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks so much for the super cute digis! I love them both but that little heart bear is just the sweetest thing ever!

  12. Thank you. I love your digis. :) Have a great day!

  13. That is awesome, congrats on the weight loss. I've heard great things about the Wii Fit stuff.

    I have been working on losing weight as well, I have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, I'm on about day 21, she is definitely tough. But I have lost 8lbs but now am having trouble losing anymore, but I'm gonna keep on it, it's now become a routine and part of my day and I am also keeping track of my calories and exercise at and I love it. It has a database of almost every kind of food you can think of and it has how many calories it is, so you just log in all your food and it calculates your calories and you can also log in your exercise, it's been great for keeping me on track and when you have to enter what you've eaten, it keeps you a little more aware of what your are eating.

    Sorry, I'm really blabbing on. Congrats again and thanks for all your great digi stamps.

  14. Scrappinkay, you aren't blabbing at all. I really enjoyed reading your post! You give me even more inspiration to keep going, never appologize for that :)

  15. Thank you so much for the digis. And a big wonderful congratulations for your weight loss. I'm so happy for you.

  16. I found your blog on a freebie site but I really think your digi's a sweet. Congrats on the wt loss. I have heard great things about the Wii Fit. Keep on keepin' on. I took for granted being able to drop wt whenever I wanted. I would gain then lose gain then know the drill. I found out I have CF (lung disease) now I can't dance anymore (which I miss dearly) ride a bike or run. So, do it if you are able! God bless your sharing soul.