Monday, November 14, 2011

I did up another digi today!

I did another one. I hope you like it. She can be a Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, whatever else you can think of. Friend, she can totally be a friend. I named her HappyLadyInCircle lol. How's that for creative?? If you want this file, simply click on the image and download it's printer friendly version. If you take a file/s please leave me a comment- I love them so :D Also if you use one of my files in your creations, please show me so I can come and see and leave you some love.

Thanks for looking and have a fantastic day!

Hugs, Dawn


  1. thank you for another cute digital image!

  2. Very nice! How are you doing these? Are they digital, or line drawings?

  3. I scan my sketches into the computer and then make these files using AI. Stampers, cardmakers, etc. print them out and color them to their liking. We call them Digital Stamps. Bob you should make and sell some! They would go like hotcakes!