Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My daughter is in on the digi action.....

.......she, my daughter, Emily created this little weirdo. I thought he/she? was so cute. I asked her if I could digify him/her and she let me. So here he/she is.....boy or girl? You make the choice. LOL. If you like this file and want to download it, please click the image to be taken to the printer friendly version and save as you normally would. If you do take one of my files (or Emily's) please leave a comment so we know you were here. And lastly, if you create anything using my files, please show me so I can take a look and leave you some love. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Dawn


  1. *lol* he/she/it looks so funny ;o).
    Thank you.

  2. well of course it's a girl - she's wearing a skirt! Or he could be an irishman wearing a kilt.

  3. she is so cute....!!!! Thanks to Emily...what a talent she got!
    Heaney xx

  4. She is a great artist. Thanks, love all your digi's, they are fantastic.

  5. Very Cute. I'm sure my daughter would love to create with this. Thank you.

  6. This is sooooo cute...please tell her to draw more for us. I LUV it! :)