Monday, April 27, 2009

Chris's Jr. Prom

Here are a couple of pics I took before Chris and KC left for prom. Chris is so handsome in his tux, and Kacey is beautiful in her dress. I am pretty sure they had a great time. Although I didn't pry much out of my son who when asked, "Did you have fun?". Replied with, "yes.". And then I was all, "What was your favorite part?". He was like, "Dancing.". So I went in for this one, "Got anything else to share?" (Throw me a frikken bone). He said, "I got prom presents", and he held up a lil black bag. He showed me the 5x7 silver photo frame and I snooped later to find a coupon for a free haircut at Great Clips. I am hoping KC is a little more forth coming with the deets. Without further ado I give you Chris and KC Prom 2009 pics:
This one is taken in da house (KC's house). Aren't they adorable?!!!
This pic is in front of their ride, a Escalade. I was jealous lol. (KC's Dad played "Bernard", the chauffer). I love this photo. K, B and I did a great job laughing lol ;)


  1. Hi Dawn! Wow. Don't they BOTH look beautiful! I'm sure you are a very proud momma! I stopped by to let you know I left you a little something on my blog. You've always been such a sweet cheering section and I wanted you to know how much that means to me.
    xxx Karen

  2. Great pictures, they look so grown up! I had to laugh at his lack of details, and you wanting him "to throw a bone". Teens just don't "get" the excitement we want to share!