Monday, April 20, 2009

I was busy yesterday :D

I was a sewing fool yesterday. For some reason paper crafting has been put on hiatus for the time being. The sewing bug has gotten a strong hold on me. It's fun to switch things up every once in awhile. Here are the things I created yesterday.
First we have a camera cozy (or iPod, or whatever you can fit in there really). I found the tut here: iPod/Camera Cozy. (I actually made 2 of them at the same time, one for my DD and one for DS's GF. Holy over usage of abbr. lol.)
Secondly, I made headbands for my girls and DS's GF ;) I posted a pic of one of them. I made 5. They are really easy to make and are totally reversible!! How cool is that?!! It's 2, (yes 2!) headbands in one!! Make one today! lol. But, seriously if you wanna make one or several find the pattern/tut here: Best Headband.
Lastly, I saw this cute little bag and I had to make one. Glasses fit in it quite well. I'm still debating what to use it for. This would have come together more quickly if my stupid sewing machine wouldn't mess up the thread. There was a lot of clunking and when I looked at the back, there was a rat's nest back there made of thread. My sewing machine, or sewing machines in general DO NOT like it when you inadvertantly put the bobbin in the wrong way. Yah, the sewing machine is the dumb one ... DOH >.<
A little seam ripping was necessary(grumble, grrrr,) and after straightening out the bobbin mess, it was a piece of cake. MMMmmm cake. That reminds me, Emily is treating us to homemade brownies after school. Woot!!(insert Homer's "MMm donuts", voice here.). Sorry, drifted off. Back to the bag. Isn't it adorable??!! If you would like to make one I found the tut here: Drawstring Bag.
As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day :D

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  1. Dawn...These are fantastic!! You asked if You could sew something for The Pink Elephant Challenges, I posted a reply to your comment there, but thought I'd hop over and post here as well!! Yes, Yes, please sew something that would be AWESOME!! TPE Challenges can be whatever you like!!!