Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good, Gooder, Goodest

I admit I am becoming addicted to reading blogs. In my defense, I come across some really cool, funny and strange things. I would like to show you some of my finds, must makes if you will.
First, I came across Nikki's blog via her entry into TPE challenge this week. Her matchbox is totally adorable! I will be making one today. I hope ;) Visit Nikki's Blog to see a bigger pic. If like me you don't have a match box check out Mirkwood Designs for a free matchbox pattern.
I also came across these way cute Pocket Advent Calendars, I need to remember to make some this Christmas. I am trying to come up with an everyday theme so I can make one now. Any ideas?? It's such a clever idea. The snowman face on the front of the plastic is too cute. Visit: My Little Mochie to see more photos and get instructions.
This next craft had me wondering, and then laughing. I have decided I need to make one for my fridge. Maybe more than one, lol. You might be wondering if that's......Yes, it is. I introduce, Smelly Bum Magnets. Be sure to read the introduction to the instructions. It's so worth it.
Perhaps a you prefer your bum's pickled?? Pickled Bums Instructions. How can you not find this funny and bizarrely (is that a word?) cute?I mean lookit, the bums are smashed against the glass, THAT'S FUNNY! Again, read the intro to the instructions.


  1. You've found some cool stuff! Love the pocket advent calendars & the match boxs they are fab!!

    Re my card, there are no instructions I always make my stuff off the top of my head with my own made templates etc, but I can type some up & email you if you are interested.
    Thank you for your comments Helen x x

  2. Hilarious. I don't think 365 days are enough for me to make cute advent calenders though. It takes me until July to get over the snowman shock I have given myself in December making the cards:) Love your beautifully written chatty blog.
    En xx

  3. OK, the first two, I could see me trying. But bums?!? Those are just too funny to look at :D