Friday, April 17, 2009

Time Warner Cable....You ruined my day!!

There are some things in life you don't mess with.
In my world, they are as follows (and in this order lol) :
My Hair
My Family
My Routine
I am a creature of habit, always have been. I fear change. I dislike the unknown. Well, Time Warner Cable our cable, phone and ISP service have upset my routine on the most basic of levels. They are constantly changing channels around, adding this, taking away that. Whatever. Today started like any other. Get the kids off to school, come home, turn on my music, start cleaning. WHOA something is a bit off, the music isn't right. See, I have digital cable and one of the perks of paying the extra bucks every month is that there are quite a few music channels to listen to and there are no commercials, talking, or static. I take advantage of our surround sound being hooked up to the tv and listen to music via this method. EVERYDAY. Channel 919 "Adult Top 40". Laugh at my music choice if you will. But it has peppy songs that keep me cleaning up after my pigs, I mean my family (as an aside, if any of my family are here reading this and decided to be offended by that comment, please feel free to stop being a pig and I will retract the comment). Got a little off track there, I apologize (but seriously, how hard is it to put a cup in the sink??). Back to the musac. I guess my station of choice wasn't popular to the masses. They yanked it and in it's place? Adult Alternative. I found out I don't care for Adult Alternative. I want MY station. The station that makes the mundane task of cleaning my house (EVERYDAY) a little less mundane. Fun even (O.O Did I really just say that? Wow). I enjoy songs I can understand the words to, sing along to, dance to (if I feel so inclined). I decided not to panic, maybe they just moved channels around. Nope. A little more desperate. Maybe there is another station I will like as well. Nope! I currently have it set to "The Hit List", it's not my favorite thing. There are some good songs (Jamie Foxx has a nice voice, did you know this? He was singing a lovely song about alcohol earlier.) I am gonna keep telling myself that I will get used to it. On the upside, I will know all the lyrics to the songs my kids like to listen to, and sing along to them in the car. They. Will. Love. That. Time Warner Cable, I implore you, resume the regularly scheduled programming.

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