Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SuCh A ScArY MoNsTeReSs (ok, maybe not so scary lol)

On my trek across the plains of blogdom yesterday, I stumbled across this super cute tutorial on how to sew a monster. I decided after reading the directions, that even I could make one(thanks to the directions given!) . My sewing skills are limited at best, but this is pretty straight forward. I did have fun trying to get the zigzag stitch to sew close together to make the mouth on my Monsteress. I didn't have any felt so I had to improvise with what I had.....buttons ;) I am sure each of my kids will want one of these. I decided to hide this finished one away until I can finish 3 different fabrics! Then let them each pick the one they want.

I had to add a close-up (your welcome Jeanne lol), of dear Monsteress's toof. Isn't that the perfect touch? Love that :)

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