Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I need Cuter Pillowcases to Hang With Martha

I was searching free sewing patterns online yesterday and came across this bag. With this description: "Give an orphaned pillowcase a new home -- over your shoulder.".
Find the tutorial here. Pretty cute, doncha think??
So I went straight to my closet to seek out an "orphaned" pillowcase, so I could make my own nifty bag. The problem is this, my orphaned pillowcases, aren't nearly as cute as the one in the sample photo. To be perfectly honest, the pillowcases we currently use AREN'T as cute as the one in the sample photo. What I am saying is, IF I had cuter cases, my bag would have turned out (you guessed it) cuter. It has nothing to do with my sewing skills lol. What I really want to do is head over to Target and BUY a NEW cutie pillowcase to make this bag (so I can see if it's my lack of skills or the ugo fabric that makes me dislike this so much). 10-1 I am inside of Target doing just that before the day is over lol. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL that said, here is my homely bag (that was better off as a pillowcase LOL)

I decided I needed to model the bag, so you could see it on lmao. This photograph was taken by me, in the mirror of my dresser, in my bedroom, which just speaks of romance doncha think??!! ;) I think I will paper craft today.

Thanks for looking and Have a fantastic day :)

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